Wednesday, March 30, 2011



        It has been a while since our last fashion shoot, and finally we have the chance to shoot this wonderful young lady. May be there is somebody out there wondering why we put such title on this shoot. The title is more about us, as the photographer. It reflects what we are trying to express through our lens.  Its about us. We know the model have all what it takes and have all the potential to express what we want. But it is not just another typical couture fashion shoot.

       On this shoot we're stressing more on the emotion, feeling and our taught through the picture. That is why we choose every single detail of the object that we want to shoot into the frames. Starting from the model, dresses, accessories, makeup, concept, places, and even the poses and triggering the emotion of the model to have what we want.    

       Here are some of the photos. Enjoy! 

Model : Syafiqah Insyirah
MUA : Farisya
Photographer : Paperbag Photography

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding | Mohd Jun & Wan Nooraishah

Assalamualaikum, again we feel excited having the chance to shoot this two lovely couple!  The bride that never loose her smile and the soft spoken groom with his Sabahan accent making them such a cute couple. They always making fun of each other and i was touched by their intimacy. Im laughing my heart out seeing them do crazy faces expression to one another! From that moment, i taught & i pray that they will always live in happiness and under God Blessing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Model : Paku Pakis
MUA : Paku Pakis
Wardrobe : Paku Pakis
Photo/Editing : Paperbag Photography


Monday, March 7, 2011

Events | Malam Anugerah FESTIK 2011

Congratulation to SETA Arts Production! For the great2 job in performing "Bukan Bunuh Diri" by Dins Man.
We Rock The Night! & Congratulation on the Best Performing Technique Award!