Tuesday, June 14, 2011


She's Malaysian Athlete! But She's fierce! I love her cute smile! But she make me breathless by her sense of style! I dont want to say much! Just enjoy the pictures!

Model : Nana
MUA : Pae

BOHEMIAN - Malaysian New Band!

Nothing more to say! They are just awesome! They win many people over their wonderful songs! You really have to listen to their songs. Get updates from their Facebook Fanpage BOHEMIAN. You can find everyting here! Including their recent shows update! Come lets show some support to Malaysian Band! My favorite is always Shooting Star! And L.A(Looser Antehm)... They are in the process of recording and making more songs, and all are just becoming my new favorite!

Here are all the group members

Errin (Guitarist)
Pae (Vocalist)

Zikri (Drummer)
Zufrin (Guitarist)

Areeb (Sessionist Bassist)

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