Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Deepavali


I wanna wish all the Malaysian especially My Indian friends, Happy Deepavali. Hope you guys have a glorious celebration this year!

In  this picture is my cousin. We are so bored staying at home and that evening, we decided to go out for a shoot. It is Deepavali time and I think its just perfect to do this shoot.

*Model : Asnur Farhain
  Wardrobe : Asnur
  MUA/Photo/Editing : Me! = )
Other than that! I also want to wish all my friends, happy studying for your final exams! Lets go chase those flying colors. Hahaha...
Ok, till then. See ya! I want to finish up my Engineering Math assignment.


  1. cantek la gegambar ni, like pros gituss..congrat3x. hmm...tapi kena masukkan la make up ditaja oleh.... hahaha... nak enterframe gak mkcik nih!!

  2. Hahaha... Tq2!!
    Makeup is sponsored by analisya aka My lovely Aunt!! Hehehe... = )