Monday, December 27, 2010

Emancipation of Equus


I wanna share my latest photoshoot with Lenaber again. It has been a while i didn't do a fashion photoshoot. I really had a hectic semester break this time joining all the university programs. Traveling from the middle till the north of Malaysia and leaving my camera behind is quite torturing me i would say! Hahaha... 
When i was home! The first thing came across my mind was "I must do a photoshoot!", and here it is.

The concept were chosen by me as long as the styling! For the makeup, i'm asking a lil help from my brother to draw the zebra print on her face as he has been in love with art drawings like forever. So i think. why dont i just get him involve and helping me out! And I'm flattered as my youngest sister is always be kind to be my lighting girl. Hope you like all the pictures. Enjoy! 

Model : Lena (Akademi Fantasia 9)
MUA : Fikri Ashrafi & Faizal Ashrafi
Stylist : Faizal Ashrafi
Art Director : Faizal Ashrafi


  1. i never know dat zebra print was done by ur brother..loving it!!=)n for sure dat lighting gal...hehe

  2. Ive stated at the caption in FB like ages since the pic out!!! hahahaha... Anyway! Thanks!